Whitney Houston

She was a rare talent and her beauty rivaled great women of history like Cleopatra or Theda Bara. Whitney Houston died at the age of 48. She was a legend in her own time.

Whitney was the proverbial ‘candle in the wind’. She was a shooting star. A super nova. She lived under a microscope and we all took a little piece of her. Media scrutiny was her reality. When you toss in a volitile relationship, a few lines of coke and a couple of drinks you have a recipe for disaster. It’s hard ‘not’ to blame Bobby Brown but Whitney Houston made her own choices. You alone are responsible for your happiness.

Her death brings up all kinds of issues…addiction, aging, insecurity, choices, finding Mr Right. One thing is for sure, you can have it all…money, beauty, talent, success, millions of adoring fans…and still be insecure.

Self-esteem is the core issue here. You need to forgive yourself for past bad choices and move forward. We all make mistakes biotch. Learn from them and don’t look back. Regret is a waste of time. Never live in the past. Embrace your future and look forward. You cannot stop the hands of time. Your ass may not look like it did when you were 18 years old but your grace and experience make you a very attractive woman.

Whitney had unique issues…a relentless media, the glare of the spotlight, people she didn’t want to disappoint. Being famous can be a double edged sword. The media can make or break you. They can be your best friend and your worst enemy. They can make you a star and then ruin you without guilt like a sociopath. People like Mary Hart or Diane Dimond can make it their mission in life to bring you down and then act ‘surprised’ when you’re found dead of a drug overdose. With all the glee of a school girl they will cover your demise and try to ‘feign’ a little sympathy. They will delight in their ratings as they cover your final moments minute by minute night after night. It’s nauseating.

Never let society mold your conciousness. Never let Vogue magazine alter your self image. Don’t buy rags like ‘The National Enquirer’ or watch shows like ‘Entertainment Tonight’. Say ‘no‘  ‘The Real Housewives’, ‘Bad Girls’, ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’, ‘Mob Wives’, and ‘Dance Moms’. It’s part of the reason ya’ll have so many hang-ups. You may think they’re fun to watch but there are women out there who actually think the ‘real housewives’ are role models. I am serious biotch. You are not doing your gender any favors.

Without an audience this type of salacious entertainment would fall by the wayside and we would be rewarded with magazines and TV shows that have real substance.

I’ll remember Whitney the way she was, not the sad broken woman she was ‘portrayed’ in the media. I’ll remember her smile, her talent, her ‘aura’ and I will ‘not‘ watch the media dissect her like some kind of frog in science class. Once in a while I’ll watch her old movies and think to myself, “Now there was a woman who had it all.”

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Marc lives in South Florida with his partner of 15 years and their little Fox Terrier. He is an advocate for women who have been held back, kicked around or otherwise abused by the men they love. He helps women overcome self-esteem issues brought on by a society that is obsessed with youth and beauty. He is the author of 'Your Little Gold Mine'...a frank discussion about men, sex and relationships...available now on Kindle at Amazon.com or in the paperback version at www.createspace.com.
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