Mr Right

Tim McGraw
Let’s get real. If you are ever going to find yourself a man with character you need to get your game on. You can’t just put on your ‘daisy dukes’ and march your big fake titties  down to the corner of Sunset and Vine and be taken for anything but an old ‘ho’. You need to get some ‘curb appeal’ and create an environment that is conducive to meeting Mr. Right.

If you have the same routine day after day…stop at the same coffee shop, eat lunch at the same cafe, go straight home after work , pop in a TV dinner and hit the sack right after  ‘Inside Edition’…you may need to rock the boat. If you’re working at ‘Walmart’ you can just as easily work at ‘Macy’s’. If you are a waitress at ‘Denny’s’ you can just as easily work at ‘Cheesecake Factory’…  you have all the skills.

Your environment ‘is‘ your market. Where you work, where you hang out, who you hang out with, your school, your church and your neighborhood all combine to create a marketplace of men who may want to lease your little gold mine. If you’re on Main Street in your ‘Daisy Dukes’  bent over a pool table you are probably not going to meet the man of your dreams. Faith Hill met her Mr. Right at work. She had no idea she was about to meet the man of her dreams but when her eyes locked on Tim McGraw she instinctively knew that he was a man with character. The rest is history.

Your environment is one of the keys to your success. Don’t be afraid to shake things up a little bit. Don’t call me at two in the morning crying and eating double stuff Oreos because you can’t find yourself a man if you’re not willing to do what it takes. Get yourself a new haircut, drop ten pounds and find yourself a job where you are rubbing elbows with talented and successful men. Smile more and laugh more. Lighten up. Be fun to be with. Your Mr. Right could be as close as your next fender bender.