Michelle McGee
Tattoos can make you look ‘hip‘ and ‘current’ or they can make you look like a slut. It has to do with the individual tattoo and the placement of the tattoo on your body. Unless you’re Michelle McGee and you’ve built your career around your tattoos you need to have a little self-restraint biotch. You’ll look hard and worn at forty-five when your shit starts to sag and your tattoos begin to look like they’re melting.

If you must tattoo here are a few simple rules. Never tattoo anything on your face. You don’t want to be mistaken for a gang member and be shot dead in a drive-by shooting. Tattoos on your fingers make you look dumb as a box of rocks. A tattoo on your breast is a little sleazy. You want to be able to ‘cover’ your tattoos and show them on your own terms.
When picking your tattoo don’t over do it. Never tattoo a man’s name on your body. If you break up your new boyfriend might not appreciate it.  Never do a lizard, a snake or any other kind of serpentine unless you want to look like a Marylyn Manson groupie.  You might as well get contact lenses and wear black lipstick. Always go to a trained professional. You don’t want to look like you got your tattoo in the penetentiary. Avoid tattoo artists who free-style.  They’re usually not as good as they think they are. Get something feminine…like a butterfly or a rose. Avoid doing ‘memorial’ tattoos or faces. You want your tattoo to look sexy.
Remember, a tattoo is permanent. It is a big ordeal to remove and it could leave a scar. Think about it long and hard. It might look cool when you’re twenty-two but you might regret it when your forty-five. If you can’t cover it up it could easily interfere with your career…unless your a slut like Bombshell McGee…or a tattoo artist like Cat Von Dee…then go for it.