Over Exposure

Let’s face it…if your little gold mine has been on the market for too long it will lose it’s value. Sometimes you just need to lay low. Hang with your girlfriends, girlfriend. In real estate if your home has been on the market for longer than six months you are either over priced or you have no curb appeal.

Maybe you just need to take some time off, change your environment or give yourself a new look. Over exposure can make you look a little…well…desperate. Take Jennifer Lopez. She over exposed herself in a series of box office bombs and proved to the world she is not an actress. That biotch was grabbing everything she could get. Even now you can’t turn on the television without seeing Jennifer Lopez hocking everything from perfume to shampoo.  Mariah Carey over exposed her little gold mine in a film called ‘Glitter’. She did not shine in Glitter. An actress is only as good as her last role. You have to pick and choose your projects wisely. Life is all about choices. You want to retain a little ‘mystique‘…be a little ‘hard to get’. You do not want to lay all your cards on the table.

If you find that men are avoiding you like the plague or acting like you have a social disease, ‘something‘ you are doing is not working. Be honest with yourself. Take a good look in the mirror. Don’t be afraid to make some changes. You might be stuck in a time warp.

Never sit around waiting for the phone to ring. Get a life. Try new things, go new places, get a new look. Men have very short attention spans. Be fun to be with. Smile more and laugh more. Don’t make finding a man your number one priority. You do not need that kind of pressure. Sometimes Mr Right comes along when you least expect it and men love women who are a little hard to get. Don’t ‘always’ be available.