You are kidding yourself if you think you look good without make-up. Just kidding. You look good, but you could use a little foundation that matches your skin tone.

Very few women look their best without make-up. When it comes to make-up, a little bit goes a long way. You do not need to spend hours in front of the mirror but you do need to spend about ten minutes. Be careful, make-up can make you look ‘classy’ or ‘trashy’. Your make-up should fit the occasion. You have to be very subtle if you wear make-up during the day. You do not want to look like Tammy Faye Baker if you’re going out to lunch with a client. People will make jokes about you.

Unless you have flawless skin, you need to wear a little foundation. A little foundation will even out your skin tone and give you the beautiful complexion you may not have been born with. Use something light and natural…never oily. If you’re lost at the make-up counter ask for help. Make sure you blend your neckline, otherwise it’ll look like you’re wearing a mask.

A little liner on your eyes will define them. Mascara will make them larger. Some color on the eyelid will make them pop. Use color wisely. Go very light to none at work and then ramp it up on the way to the club later. Avoid blues, purples and greens unless you want to look like ‘Mimi‘ from the Drew Carey show. Learn how to do the classic ‘smoky’ eye. It rocks. Play with earth tones.

Your eyebrows can make or break your look. Margaux Hemmingway was famous for her brows. You want them manicured, not plucked clean and drawn on. We already talked about that.

Choose a lipstick that is appropriate for the occasion. Bright reds can make you look all painted up and a little bit trashy, but sometimes you may want to be a little trashy, and that’s okay, as long as you do trashy with class.

Go easy with the blush. You want your blush to look natural, like you have a healthy glow, not like you just stepped off Mt. Everest.

Some women totally over-do their make-up. Don’t be one of them. Remember, classy not trashy. Good make-up takes practice, but you can do it girlfriend. By the way, never ‘tattoo’ make-up on your face unless you want to look like an old hag at the breakfast table.

Landing a man with character is half the battle…keeping him is the other half. Use make-up wisely to enhance your natural beauty. I don’t care if you live on a farm or in a penthouse, a little make-up will make you feel better about yourself.  If you feel better about yourself you will be a better partner, besides, men love women who are feminine and who play their feminine role with grace. They expect you to excuse yourself to the ladies room to powder your nose. It’s part of your mystery. They love it when you wear heels and stockings, are hypnotized by your scent, fantasize about your beautiful nails working their way down to their belt buckle. Why not let them have their fun?

Never let a man dictate what you can or cannot do. That was your father’s job when you were twelve. You are a grown woman. If your man tries to stop you from wearing make-up he has jealousy and control issues. It’s a big red flag…don’t ignore it.

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Marc lives in South Florida with his partner of 15 years and their little Fox Terrier. He is an advocate for women who have been held back, kicked around or otherwise abused by the men they love. He helps women overcome self-esteem issues brought on by a society that is obsessed with youth and beauty. He is the author of 'Your Little Gold Mine'...a frank discussion about men, sex and relationships...available now on Kindle at or in the paperback version at
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