Is He Gay?

Never let a gay man ‘use’ you to try to ‘change‘. Gay men can’t ‘change‘. I don’t care if you look like Carmen fuckin’ Electra, you cannot make a gay man straight! A lot of Christians think being gay is a ‘choice’. That’s why churches are full of gay men trying to change. You need to develop your ‘gaydar’ girlfriend. Not all gay men wear Calvin Klein underwear, walk like a girl and talk with a lisp. Some of them wear levis and cowboy boots. They are truck drivers, rednecks, firemen, cops, construction workers, politicians, teachers, ditch diggers…even preachers! Ted Haggard was the head of one of the biggest congregations in the country. He had a wonderful family and thousands of loyal followers. He preached about the ‘sins of the flesh’ but Ted Haggard was living a lie and was getting his ‘cakes’ baked by a private male escort. To this day that man is still in denial about his sexuality.

There are a lot of reasons why gay men marry. Maybe they don’t want to be ‘labeled’, maybe they’re in ‘denial’, or maybe they think they can ‘change’. They can’t. People are ‘born’ gay! One day he’ll give into it and leave you for a big stud name Jake.

Don’t ignore the signs. If the radio in his truck is tuned to ’80’s divas’ he might be gay. If you’re in Vegas and he surprises you with tickets to the Cher concert he might be gay. If they’re front row seats and he knows every word to ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’…he’s gay !! If you have to fight him for the mirror, he plucks his eyebrows, moisturizes, wears your makeup or uses your vibrator…that biotch is gay girlfriend!  If he seems far away or detached while you’re having sex it’s because he ‘is’. He’s somewhere in his truck on a secluded road with that guy from work he’s been fantasizing about. They’re pulled over in the bushes and are sucking each other off.

Don’t waste your time with a man who is gay. We make great best friends but lousy husbands. Find yourself a man who is 100% heterosexual. You deserve it girlfriend. Find a man who worships the ground your little gold mine walks on. If your man is gay or bisexual your relationship will not pass the test of time. Remember…it’s a lot easier to break up with a boyfriend than a husband.

You can find a good man, a man with character who is 100% heterosexual and can make your little boat float. You just need to get your game on and listen to your ‘intuition’.

About Marc

Marc lives in South Florida with his partner of 15 years and their little Fox Terrier. He is an advocate for women who have been held back, kicked around or otherwise abused by the men they love. He helps women overcome self-esteem issues brought on by a society that is obsessed with youth and beauty. He is the author of 'Your Little Gold Mine'...a frank discussion about men, sex and relationships...available now on Kindle at or in the paperback version at
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