Boyfriends are a dime a dozen. Don’t let yours walk all over you. Never let a boyfriend pressure you to have sex. Never let him talk you into doing something you know is wrong. Look…we all know by now that men can be pigs. Be strong enough to tell your boyfriend ‘no’. A real man will back off.

Never let your boyfriend film or photograph your little gold mine. It might  end up on the internet…ask Paris Hilton.

Never have unprotected sex until your wedding night. Save fuckin’ something!

Every man needs his space, don’t smother him and don’t be a nag. Don’t try to dress him up, style his hair, or otherwise try to change him into something he’s not.

Never wait by the phone for a man to call you. Be a little hard to get. Men want what they can’t have.

Try not to take a breakup too serious. Slitting your wrists is too melodramatic. Don’t try hang on to a dead end relationship. Move on or call your ‘fuck buddy’.

Never make another woman’s ‘husband’ your ‘boyfriend’. If you do, be prepared she might show up in the middle of the night, let herself in and go ‘fatal attraction’ on your ass. That’s what happened to Linda Kolkena. She had an affair with Daniel Broderick that ended with him leaving his wife and suing her for divorce. Legal proceedings went on for four years. In the end, Linda married her sugar daddy. It got ugly when Betty Broderick bought a gun, stole a key to their house from her daughter’s purse and let herself into the couple’s San Diego home in the middle of the night. The suburban mother of five tiptoed through the couple’s home, slid like a ‘ninja’ into their bedroom and with premeditation, murdered them in cold blood. She fired so many shots she had to stop to reload. She would later claim she didn’t mean to do it. The gun just ‘went off’. Betty Broderick was one hateful bitch. I guess she held a grudge.

Never let a boyfriend come between you and your bff. Best friends are forever…boyfriends come and go.

When you are with your man treat him like he is the only man on earth. He deserves your full and undivided attention. Never use another man to make your boyfriend jealous. You could end up getting one of them killed.

Don’t be so quick to call a man your ‘boyfriend’. Once you have a boyfriend you’ve taken you little gold mine off the market. Having a boyfriend is kind of like ‘going steady’. It’s ‘exclusive’.

Never lead a man on or use him for a free ride. Some of them might take it personal.

Boyfriends are ‘applying’ to be husbands. You should look for the same qualities in a boyfriend that you look for in a husband. Before you ‘hire’ him, take him for a spin around the block. Pay attention. Your boyfriend will not ‘change’ once he becomes your husband. Don’t kid yourself.

It is a lot easier to break up with a boyfriend than it is to break up with a husband. If you decide your boyfriend is not marriage material you need to be strong enough to walk away. Do not waste your time. Take your toys and go home. No hard feelings. When Mr. Right does come along you want to be ‘available’. Knowing when to walk away is one of the keys to your success.

Remember, it’s ‘your’ life. You are first and foremost responsible for ‘your’ happiness. Never sacrifice your happiness for a man. Remember the words of George Bernard Shaw:

    “All young women begin by believing they can reform and change the man they marry. They can’t.”

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