OJ Simpson

Some men think they ‘own’ your little gold mine. They want to control you and tell  you what to do. I call them ‘masters’ and you are their ‘slave’. Anyone of any age can fancy themselves a master. Christians, rednecks, sugar daddies and pimps are notorious masters.

A master will have well defined lines you do not cross. His is the last and final word…end of discussion. He will read your mail and go through your purse. Nothing will be off limits to the master. You will ‘obey’ him or you will suffer the consequences. He will be jealous of your relationships and will try to isolate you from your friends and family. They will have to go through ‘him’ to speak to you.

A master will not help you around the house. When he gets home from work he will expect his palace to be clean, his laundry washed and folded and his dinner on the table. He believes raising  children is above his pay grade and he will not participate.

A master can be abusive and may resort to violence to get his way. He will berate you and put you down. In the bedroom he will demand you to do things that are outside your comfort zone. He will not be concerned with your wants and needs. Masters believe women were made to serve men. He will say mean, hurtful  things. A master will bark orders like  “get me a beer” or “make me a sandwich”.  ‘Please’ or ‘thank-you’ is not in his vocabulary.

Be careful girlfriend, masters sometimes ‘kill’ their slaves. They cannot handle rejection. They think they ‘own’ your little gold mine and will go to great lengths to dominate you. Masters can be very dangerous. OJ Simpson was a master. He beat his wife into submission and then killed her when she tried to leave him.

Masters sometimes ‘kidnap‘ their victims. Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped when she was eleven years old and held by her captor for eighteen years. Phillip Garrido was a classic ‘master’. He kept her isolated and she bore him two children while in captivity.

You are seriously fooling yourself if you do not think you are putting your entire family, all of your friends and your co-workers at risk if you are in a relationship with a master. They sometimes go postal and kill parents, siblings, children, friends and co-workers. Scott Dekraai from Seal Beach, California burst into the Beauty Shop where his wife was working. She and seven of her co-workers/clients died in a hail of gunfire.

If your man is a master you need to stop and proceed with caution. Masters can and do turn into ‘stalkers’. Do not be afraid to ask for help and seek protection. Never stay with a man who treats you like a slave. At the first sign of trouble listen to your intuition. The longer you stay the harder it will be to escape. There are good and decent men who will worship your little gold mine and treat you like a lady. Abuse in any form is wrong with a capital ‘W’ and you do not have to participate. There is no excuse for abuse.