Sugar Daddies

If you are sick and tired of your ‘boy-toy’ and you want a man who knows how to treat a lady, you might think about gettin’ yourself a ‘sugar daddy’. Never make another woman’s husband your sugar daddy. You are a low down skanky bitch if you do…like Calista Gingrich. Have some class girlfriend.

Older men can take care of you and make your life more comfortable. Some of them are lonely. If you think an older man is just what you need there are a couple of things you should know. If your sugar daddy is over eighty and you are say…twenty five…be prepared for people to call you a ‘gold digger’. If they don’t say it out loud they’ll be thinking it. You might think you’re just  ‘friends’  but trust me…sooner or later that old man is going to try to drill your little gold mine. If that  beamer’s worth taking the old man around the world…it’s cool. I know how it is. It’s all good. I might do the same thing myself, but being chased around the bedroom by an old man with a pot belly and a comb-over can get old and excuses do not grow on trees.

Never take an old guy to the cleaners. It’s bad karma. You may bite off more than you can chew. Court battles are expensive and you usually end up being called a money grubbin’ skank…like Anna-Nichol Smith.  You will not win a court battle against the family.

Maybe your sugar daddy is married. You are on thin ice if he is. You’re his whore. Chances are he is never going to leave his wife for you. Maybe you don’t care. You like it the way it is. You can still fuck that little grease monkey. Well sometimes jealous women do foolish things. I told you about Betty Broderick. Sometimes men do too. Never get caught up in a love triangle. There is never a happy ending. He might decide you just need to go away and send you to the bottom of the San Francisco Bay wearin’ a pair of concrete shoes.

All that being said, some sugar daddies are good looking and still relatively young…maybe even single. They can be…well…kind of hot. They know what to do with your little gold mine and they take you to nice places. They know your relationship may not last but they’re in it for the ride and they can afford it. They look out for your skinny little white trash ass and pay your rent once in a while… maybe take you to the Bahamas…buy you some jewelry. Sugar daddies can make good fuck buddies when you’re in between men. You may even fall in love. Calista Gingrich fell in love and she ‘married’ her sugar daddy. Of course he had to get divorced first.

Be careful…some sugar daddies think they ‘own’ your little gold mine. Never let a man treat you like a hooker. If you let your man leave money on the counter or if you have a ‘boyfriendand  a ‘sugar daddy’…you are a hooker beotch.

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